T&T 2015
Typhlo & Tactus
LE concours international d'albums tact-illustrés
THE International Tactile-Illustrated Book Prize


Depuis 2000
Since 2000

Article 1
Books entered in the competition should be suitable for visually-impaired children (blind or partially-sighted) between the ages from 3 to 12.

Article 2
Books entered should be entirely your own creation and therefore free of copyright (text and pictures) OR based on an existing print book in which case you will need to show that you have the publisher’s permission for a tactile version to be produced and distributed in several countries, OR be based on a traditional folktale or other story which is in the public domain.

In any case, all books entered should be finished products rather than works in progress.

Article 3
Selection criteria:
All entries should be finished to a reasonable standard (including binding, print and attachment of illustrations) and should respect the following points:

1/ Tactile illustration, relief:
•Material cut and glued or thermoform or embossing

2/ Writting:
•The text should appear in a clear font and large print (minimum 16pt) and in Braille

3/ Binding:
•The binding should permit the book to open fully so that each page is flat, as this is necessary for tactile exploration.

4/ Colors and contrast:
Strong and contrasting colours should be used to stimulate low vision.
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5/ Style:
•The story should be well written, with correct spelling, etc.

6/ No books untranslatable in other language:
It should be possible to translate the book into other languages (eg no alphabet books, no poetise, no songs).

7/ Reproduction:
• Books must be reproducible (eg. they should not contain items which cannot be bought or made in quantity).

8/ Text books and topic books:
• These should not be entered in this competition

9/ Book size:
Any format for the illustrations is acceptable, including cut and paste, thermoform, embossing, etc. etc. But the size maximum shall be 30 cm (11,81 inches) x 21 cm (8,26 inches).

Article 4
Books entered should have been successfully tried out by visually-impaired children in their country of origin and have been approved by these children and by specialists.

Article 5
In 2015 the T & T competition is open to countries which have an agreement with Les Doigts Qui Rêvent, organizer of the competition. 
(contact philippe.claudet@wanadoo.fr)

Article 6
Each participating country can send only 5 entries. Each national T&T contact will organise a national selection excluding all entries that do not follow article 3. Visually impaired children shall participate at each national selection.

Authors shall send their entry at the date fixed by their national T&T contact point.
The deadline is October 1rst, 2015 for entries to be in Cannero.

Belgium : Sandrine Pironet ; Œuvre Nationale des Aveugles ; sandrine.pironet@ona.be

Canada : Emmanuel Blaevoet ; Tactile Vision Graphics ; admin@tactilevisiongraphics.com

Colombia : Viviana Diaz ; KulturVision ; diazviv@gmail.com

Croatia : Javorka Milković ; javorka.milkovic@skole.hr

Czech Republic : Terezie Kochova ; Stredisco Pane Rece ; TerezieKochova@seznam.cz

Denmark : Bendt Nygaard Jensen ; bnj@servicestyrelsen.dk

Estonia : Sülvi Sarapuu, Mtü Kakora ; sarap@smail.ee

France : Philippe Claudet ; Les Doigts Qui Rêvent ; philippe.claudet@wanadoo.fr

India : Namita Jacob ; Chetana Charitable Trust ; projects@chetana.org.in

Italy : Pietro Vecchiarelli ; Federazione Pro Ciechi ; tactus@prociechi.org

Iran : Mahshid Dowlat ; Children Book Council ; dowlat55@yahoo.com

Lithuania : Audronne Gendviliene ; a.gendviliene@labiblioteka.lt

Netherlands : Anneke Blok ; Visio ; annekeblok@visio.org

Norway : Eli Frisvold ; Eli.Frisvold@nlb.no

Peru : Denis Povis ; Oyos Sin Barreras ; miguelchignole@hotmail.com

Poland : Bob Marek ; Hungry Fingers ; bmarek@kul.lublin.pl

Romania : Roxana Cziker ; rcziker@yahoo.com

Russia : Radmila Ter-Grigoryants ; ustinova@gbs.spb.ru

Slovenia : Tomaz Wraber ; zdsss@zvcza-slpih.sl

South Africa : Lynette Rudman ; I Read with my hands ; zinkeyray@worldonline.co.za

South Korea : Keun Hae Youk ; khyouk@gmail.com

Switzerland : Isabelle Mathis; Centre Pédagogique pour Handicapés de la Vue; cphv@fa2.ch

Suomi : Irmeli Holstein ; Celia Library ; irmeli.holstein@celia.fi

U.K : Alex Britton ; ClearVision ; info@clearvisionproject.org

U.S.A : Roberta Williams ; American Printing House f the Blind ; rwilliams@aph.org

Only the countries having signed an agreement with Les Doigts Qui Rêvent will arrange a pre-selection where any entries not fulfilling the above criteria will be eliminated. A panel of blind and partially-sighted children in each country may also eliminate some entries.

Article 7
A European jury, composed by the Typhlo & Tactus members and founders (France, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rep, United Kingdom), will meet in Cannero Riviera (Hollman Foundation) November 12-13 & 14, 2015. It will choose a winning book from the books preselected in the participating countries. The organizing country can propose visually impaired people to help the jury but they will not vote.

Article 8:
Jury composition: one country is represented by only one member who will be the judge for her/his country fir efficiency. Any other person of this country will neither advise nor judge. Any other person will be accepted in the jury room (except for Pietro Vecchiarelli and Philippe Claudet).

Article 9:
Claudette Kraemer, the jury president is in charge of the proper conduct of the competition. She has the power to break any deadlock preventing the smooth running of the competition. In case of ex aequo, the president will by any mean, have to find a solution. Jury’s vice president Philippe Claudet (Founder and coordinator for the Typhlo & Tactus competition), Pietro Vecchiarelli and the translator(s) assists the president in her duty and acts as counselor. They don’t vote.

Article 10:
All jury members are required to be present from the first hour of the first day of the jury’s work and to remain until the president adjourns the jury meeting. Judges will vote by successive eliminations. The highest amount of voice determines the book winner.

Article 11:
Jury members will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and each will also choose his/her so called, one “Favorite” among all the entries. The 1rst Prize can be not awarded.

Article 12:
The Chair of the judges will announce the results the last day, and will give a certificate to the country or countries’ representatives. A trophy and a cheque (amount up to the organizing country) will be awarded to the author(s) of the winning books.

Article 13:
Within one month the Chair will send a detailed breakdown of the results to all the members of the jury.

Article 14:

Within a month of the announcement of the results, all entries will be returned to each national T&T contact. Only the 1st prize will be kept in the T&T archives, in the International Museum of Tactile Illustrated Books, in Dijon (France). A poster showing many of the entries will be sent to everyone who entered the competition. Entries awarded will be exhibited on the T&T website.

Article 15:
Each author can’t enter more than five book. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form and the complete text in its original language on paper or on a disk (Word or txt.) along with a translation into French or English if the original is in neither of these languages.

Article 16:

Books can only be entered in one Typhlo & Tactus competition.

Article 17:

The Typhlo & Tactus group reserves the right to amend or add to any of the above rules, and to cancel or postpone the competition. The Typhlo & Tactus group organises this competition on a non-profit-making basis and cannot be held responsible for any aspect of it. In particular, the group is not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants, which will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Article 18:

As entry in the competition is free the Typhlo & Tactus group reserves the right, at their discretion, to disqualify people from entering.

Article 19:

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of all the above rules in their entirety.

Article 20:

The organisation takes no responsibility for any damage to the entries during the competition or in transit.


Remember :

Please wrap your entry carefully to ensure its safe arrival. Send your entry, to arrive by the closing date, accompanied by:

-a copy of the text in Word or txt or CD, along with a translation into French or English if it is not already in one of these languages.

-a completed application form giving the address for the return of the book

-the written permission of the publisher if your entry is a tactile version of a print book.

Good luck and thank you for taking part!

Central contact
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Central contact :
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