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Typhlo & Tactus
LE concours international d'albums tact-illustrés
THE International Tactile-Illustrated Book Prize


Depuis 2000
Since 2000
The basic requirements for tactile books are related to the age of the children, their disability, their development level and their relevant experience.
In tactile books for the early years it is important to strictly follow certain rules; as the child grows and his or her experience increases it is more permissible to ‘break the rules’ in some circumstances. 

Features of the book :
-    it must be robust;

-    it must have stiff pages (cardboard or fabric) with rounded corners;

-    it must have a binding that allows it to open out flat for tactile exploration of each page and to close properly afterwards

-    the text must be in both large print (eg 24pt Ariel) and braille

-    the text should always be on the same side of the book (ie left or right hand page) and so should the illustrations; 

-    the dimensions of the pages vary according to the age of the child; a child could start with a book 15 x 15 cms and progress (20 x 20, 25 x 25, 21 x 29.7) as the child grows and his/her exploratory skills develop. 

-    the number of pages is also related to age; you can start with just a few pages (5 – 6), and gradually increase the number;

-    mark the bottom of each page to help the child with the orientation of the book.

-    make sure that the details can be easily identifiable;

-    leave plenty of space between different items on the page;

-    avoid occlusion (items which pass in front of other items and partially hide them);

-    respect proportions and avoid the effects of perspective;

-    human shapes are best represented from the front, while animal shapes are best shown sideways (with four legs);

-    if a character appears more than once in the story, it should keep the same characteristics;

-    the thickness of materials glued to the page should be at least 1 mm.
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