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Typhlo & Tactus
LE concours international d'albums tact-illustrés
THE International Tactile-Illustrated Book Prize


Depuis 2000
Since 2000

The Typhlo & Tactus (T&T)  organisation exists to improve the quality and quantity of tactile books available to young blind and partially sighted children. Participants share their ideas, knowledge and expertise, and collaborate on production of simple story books with multi-sensory illustrations which are fully accessible by touch.

Typhlo and Tactus was set up in 1999 on Les Doigts Qui Rêvent initiative and, until now, the activities of the group have been supported by grants from the EU. This funding has, to a large extent, restricted the reach of the group to a limited number of European countries. The money has enabled the group to hold an annual European tactile book competition with winning entries mass-produced by hand at the Les Doigts Qui Rêvent workshop in Dijon, France.

Since 2000, the EU has funded production of 7,689 tactile books, all of which have been sold within the EU at a heavily-subsidised price. In addition, the T&T group has led workshops, presented at conferences and exhibited at large exhibitions and book fairs.  This activity has raised awareness of the importance of tactile books and stimulated interest in design and production. In 2009 the group produced a compendium of articles on tactile books and related topics.  The Typhlo & Tactus Guide to Children’s Books with Tactile Illustrations can be ordered from the publisher, Philippe Claudet, Les Doigts Qui Rêvent  (see contact details below); a shorter version is available.

The EU project has come to an end, and with it the funding for book production - at least for a while.  But the Typhlo & Tactus organisation lives on and is planning a tactile book competition in 2011. This T&T competition will, for the first time, be open to creative people all over the world.

The T&T group is now seeking appropriate organisations worldwide willing to act as the national contact. This will involve promoting the competition, receiving all the entries from their country, carrying out a pre-selection involving blind children and adults, and sending the five best books to the T&T competition organisers. The most appropriate organisation to fulfil this role is likely to be a library for the blind or an organisation already involved in tactile book production, promotion or use. Each country will have just one national contact organisation, which will enter into a written agreement with Typhlo and Tactus. 

For more information on the activities of the Typhlo & Tactus group and the competition please contact Philippe Claudet (in French or English) at  philippe.claudet@wanadoo.fr

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