T&T 2017
Typhlo & Tactus
LE concours international d'albums tact-illustrés
THE International Tactile-Illustrated Book Prize


Depuis 2000
Since 2000
The Typhlo & Tactus organisation was created to increase the quantity, quality and availability of books with tactile illustrations for young children with little or no sight.

Members share the following aims : 
  • To increase the quantity of tactile books available at an affordable price
  • To increase awareness of the need for tactile books
  • To offer guidance and provide inspiration for designers of tactile books
  • To share ideas, resources and information
  • To participate in relevant research 
  • To promote excellence in this field through national and international competitions
  • To publish guidelines on the production of tactile books and on their use with visually-impaired children.

The T&T group consists of representatives from the following countries :  Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

We work closely with partners from Croatia, Estonia, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa and the USA.
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